Re: [guide-user] Problem with goto for a UCAC2 star

chasseurdesgalaxies Apr 29, 2018

Hi Ted,

go to Vizier (Strasbourg) :
and type into the field "Free text search" the following letter/number combination: "I/289" and click on "find catalogues". Then click on "ftp" (to the right, in colors) and go to the last line "u2".

You need to download all the z-files until number z288 (plus the index file) one by one, extract them and put them all (including the index file) into a folder called UCAC2 and move this folder into your Guide main folder. (Resize your explorer window in such a way that you always have 10 downloaded files of the catalogue in one line, ... so you can more easily control, that you did not forget to or double-downloaded one of the files. Download will take several hours !)

Here (text in the first pink box in the right column) is explained how you can automate the process of downloading, but you first need to install python and then use the python script provided (substituting everywhere UCAC4 by UCAC2): .

(I found this python method only after having downloaded the full UCAC4 catalogue one by one , so I cannot tell from experience whether it works).

Good luck