Re: [guide-user] Problem with goto for a UCAC2 star

Ted Blank Apr 28, 2018

Is there a place on the net to download the UCAC2 catalog itself?

All the links I can find to Vizier, CFA etc. are dead links.

FTP would be best, but HTTP is fine too.


On Sat, Apr 28, 2018 at 5:40 AM, chasseurdesgalaxies@... [guide-user] <> wrote:


you first need to set the path to the UCAC (2,3,4,...) catalogue by using the key-combination "Alt" and "J".
In the field that opens, put the following line: "UCAC4_PATH=C:\Guide 9\UCAC4" (or UCAC2 in your case, respecting upper / lower case and without quotation marks. The hit enter /close the box.
If you Guide folder is not in the root folder (= C), the command should look something like this, where "xxxx" ist the other folder: "UCAC4_PATH=C:\xxxx\Guide 9\UCAC2", where you might have installed Guide.

if this is done you should be able to find the UCAC star exclusively through the Find object menu, all other "finders" don't work for the UCAC.

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