Re: [guide-user] Problem with goto for a UCAC2 star

P. Clay Sherrod Apr 28, 2018

Well I'll be darned....thanks Larry. I have been using Guide since 2000 and never
knew I could do this!
I guess it just never came up before.
Once again, I learn something new every day even at this golden age!
Dr. Clay

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> You can access it by "Go to tdf object" click on UCAC4 in "Select Dataset" and type
> number of UCAC4 star you want in box.
> larry Wood
> On 2018-04-28 8:13 AM, 'P. Clay Sherrod' drclay@... [guide-user] wrote:
>> Trust me, I use UCAC-4 and 3 on a nightly basis and have the pathway created. The
>> ability to access a UCAC star still does not show in my Find menu.
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>> Dr. Clay
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