Re: [guide-user] Guide 9 wants to use non-existent "second monitor"

SCOTT KRANZ Apr 10, 2018

I run into this problem quite often actually......

The only fix that i have found is to find, and delete, the "maximum.dat" file in the Guide9 folder. It then forgets what the screen boundaries were and starts over fresh.

I'm using XP and Windows 7 and both have the same issue.

-Scott Kranz

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I have a second monitor on my laptop, connected via a USB docking station.  Before taking the laptop on a trip, and before disconnecting the second monitor, I change the Windows 10 setting to make the laptop the primary display.  Then I disconnect the extra monitor.

Even after I re-boot the laptop, when bring up Guide, right-click on a star and select "More Info", Guide 9 somehow remembers the old configuration and puts the "more info" pop-up onto the (now non-existent) second monitor - thus it is invisible.  At that point all I can do is hit the Esc key to bring control back to the main screen, but I never see the "more info" pop-up.

Does anyone have any idea how to tell Guide that there is no longer a second monitor available?  Is this a windows 10 bug?  It must be something Guide is remembering, since this behavior survives even a complete power-off reboot.