Guide 9 Teleskop control -> MaxIm Dl

Christian Ambros Mar 27, 2018

Hi Bill,

today, I have question that came up on the monthly meeting of my imaging club. We discussed which program the whole group should use in common for reproducible observing steps of our new patchwork project.
Since there are now three CCD cameras on board, the old Apogee Ap7p, the SBIG ST8300M an a morivian operated by three versions of MaxIm Dl, we came up with the question if Guide 9 could send it's pointing data to  MaxIm Dl.

Is that possible and when yes, how do we do that? Is there an exporter function for this information? Maybe I can write my own inserter if I know where to collect the pointing information from.

Autoguiding is down by PHD2 and I didn't have any problems letting wine run guide9.1 and guiding by PHD2 with Linux. Wine repsonse well as interface.
If I could send the pointing information to MaxIm Dl, which is running in a virtualboxed Win7, my mates could have a pipeline solution for our patchwork project that works for all. We all have different telescope trackingsystems and different computer skills.


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