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Roger Pickard Mar 19, 2018

Thanks Rudi, but that’s not quite my problem.  Guide just reports that “That variable does not exist”, but it doesn’t crash.


The same with searching.


I’d also tried turning on the various forms of the GCVS, but still without luck.


Thanks for your suggestions anyway.





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I found a (not the) solution (it’s a probably workaround) to avoid that Guide crashes when you click on a variable star, like R or RR And, (...thank you Bernd and Roger, your thoughts and problems gave me the idea to search and directed into the right direction) and then on «More information».


This pre-supposes that the new CGSV (current, from Cds) in «User data sets» ist set to «On».


 (If is it set to «off» Guide will certainly find the star (with all means of searching, i.e. through the Menu «Find/Object name», through «Find/Star/Variable», through «Find/User Data Sets» or a toolbar shortcut, but ... you wont’t see the designation of the variable star on the screen and get no specific information on the variable star, if you rightclick on the star symbol, because the information will come from another catalogue (like UCAC).


But if you have the CGSV put to «ON» you will get alle the variable star information through the new catalogue, ... and Guide will not crash anymore if you try to get that information, ... and if you are on the "wrong" star symbol from the «wrong» catalogue («zoom in» fully to see that there is a star symbol for each catalogue, leading up to 4 symbols in some cases).


So here is the trick: Just remove (don’t delete, keep it somewhere else !) the files «LG_TYCHO.LMP» and «SM_TYCHO.LMP» from the Guide subfolder named «HIPP» (Hipparchos). Even if in the «Hipparchos» folder, these files seem to refer to the TYCHO catalogue. .... And I can’t find any trace of the TYCHO catalogue in my Guide folder. ... So it is perhaps a dead reference, and perhaps (I have no clue) the reason why Guide crashes, when it is searching for «More information» based somehow on the old catalogue ???


Sofar J haven't seen any negative side effect from removing these files, but some people are perhaps working with the TYCHO catalogue ??


And don't forget to put the CGSV user data set to «ON».


Clear skies



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Hi John,

Just to male the confusion complete: If you use the UCAC 4 star catalogue, which - I understand- is also a .tdf data set, you need to use the general search function; the user data search function dies not find the stars. Bill has explained the reason in one of the UCAC threads, but I am on my mobile phone and could'nt find it.