Re: More Info causes crash

chasseurdesgalaxies Feb 21, 2018

Hi John,

Just to complete the confusion: If you use the UCAC4 catalogue, which, as far as I understand, is also a .tdf data set, the search function of the user data set does not work (you won't find any star of the UCAC catalogue): you should use the general search function instead.

Bill explains the reason for this in one of the UCAC 4 threads, but I didn't find the exact quote, ... as I am on my mobile right now.

For the variable star catalogues: I supressed some of the files / catalogues (not in the main Guide folder, but) in the "Variables" sub-folder. There are now less star "signs" (if you fully zoom in), but the general problem remains (only two of them, but if you click on the wrong one to get "more information", Guide crashes).

I think Bernd is right (in the GVSC thread). There seems to be a problem with the Hipparchos catalogue, .. but in the contrary to the .tdf files (with catalogues), this one seems to be encrypted (not "open source").

Only Bill can help here !