Re: TDF-File for import of NASAs horizons.cgi output?

Bernd Klemt Feb 9, 2018


problem solved by myself. I had already the "neocp.tdf" file in my guide
directory but only now I realized that I have not only change the file name in
line 6 (which is for NEOCP) but also in line 143 which is the entry for the
Horizon (JPL) Ephemeries.

The side track difference is only between 17 arcmin and 0 arcmin, but the along
track difference is 35 deg in PA 250 deg!

> Hello,
> is there a tdf file available to import the output of NASAs HORIZON.CGI system?
> I ask because I want to import the topocentric positions for my observing place
> for 2018 CB which differ largly from the positions Guide derives from the actual
> MPCORB database. If so, which columns and which output format should I choose
> Thanks in advance and clear skies
> Bernd

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt

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Herne, Germany

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