Re: [guide-user] Re: colors in horizon.dat

chasseurdesgalaxies Feb 3, 2018


just a further hint for those who want to play with the colors of the "Horizon" (Display\Tips Grids etc\Horizon) and the "(Horizon) Objects" (Display\Background\Last option) menus:

The 6 digit (hex) color sequence (in "Objects.dat") seems to be inversed on my computer, so the sequence is not R(ed) - G(reen) - B(lue), but BRG. In fact, if I raise the number of the last two digits, the color becomes "redder", if I raise the number of the first two digits, the color becomes "bluer". I have no clue, whether this is my computer or because I don't understand the color convention, but it is like this.

In any case, I now have a beautifull ring, 15 degres large above my horizon in Guide, where the background color becomes gradually brighter and where it is less usefull to observe deep sky objects and planets. (Where I live, the Mars opposition in July 2018 will take place at only 10° above the horizon). I am not sure further, whether I do not need to raise the brighter band up to 20 or 25 degrees; ... observation will show.

Kind regards and thanks again Bill