Re: [guide-user] Re: colors in horizon.dat

Bernd Klemt Feb 2, 2018

Hello Rudi,

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> Here, , somewhere in the middle of the
> text under "Defining your own custom .TDF symbols" it is said as follows:
> "It used to be that color was always set with lowercase 'c' followed by a number
> from 0 to 15. That was a legacy of the old DOS days, in which objects could only
> have one of a palette of sixteen colors. This is still available for purposes of
> keeping Guide backward-compatible, but Guide 8.0 can set "full colors" with an
> uppercase 'C'.
> The easy way to set this is to create your symbol with either a 'c' or 'C'-type
> color selected basically at random. Then fire up Guide, click on an object in
> the dataset, and then on "Display", and then on the color button. Select a new
> color and click OK, and the symbol will be rewritten to use the new color".

I tried uppercase "C" and a hexagesimal number for setting the color in my
horizon.dat file. But that doesn't give the wanted effect.

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