Re: colors in horizon.dat

chasseurdesgalaxies Feb 2, 2018

Hi Bernd,

I tried to reproduce your problem, because I am also interested to have a "fixed" 60° line around the zenith. (I have a "workaround" but it moves position, when i move the map from the zenith position. I will come back on this).

BUT, I don't even have a horizon.dat file in my Guide folder ?? (Despite the fact that I have switched on thea horizon line and can switch it off and change color).

Found this (first link) and installed the horizon.dat file : ,

... but it doesn't work for me either !??

Here, , somewhere in the middle of the text under "Defining your own custom .TDF symbols" it is said as follows:

"It used to be that color was always set with lowercase 'c' followed by a number from 0 to 15. That was a legacy of the old DOS days, in which objects could only have one of a palette of sixteen colors. This is still available for purposes of keeping Guide backward-compatible, but Guide 8.0 can set "full colors" with an uppercase 'C'.

The easy way to set this is to create your symbol with either a 'c' or 'C'-type color selected basically at random. Then fire up Guide, click on an object in the dataset, and then on "Display", and then on the color button. Select a new color and click OK, and the symbol will be rewritten to use the new color".

Sorry, I can't help you further. (What is strange is, that the last word in the last quoted link is saying "useless" ??)

What I am doing is creating an aperture cercle (in "Settings \ Tips, Grids, ect") of 60° (in my case). By setting the cercle to 120 ° (you need to add the degrees sign (°) behind the number, I have a cercle of 30° above the horizon). And with this cercle you can change color as you want.

But, as I said, there is the drawback that, if you move the map from the exact zenith position, the cercle follows and does not stay around the zenith position.