colors in horizon.dat

Bernd Klemt Jan 31, 2018


I implemented a circular area of 30 deg diameter located at the zenith at the
beginning of my horizon.dat file (without the empty line in between):

c 13

0 90 30

That works fine. But when I try to use a 6bit hexagesimal number for the color I
get arbitrary colors, no color at all (perhaps black) and sometimes Guide crashes

My goal was a color like 996633 which I choose from this site for example:
<>. But with this color number
Guide doesn't respond anymore.

A description of the .mar files is given here at chapter 25 "marking":
<> And also "objects.dat" uses the
hexagesimal color numbers.

What I'm doing wrong?

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt

Sternwarte Herne, MPC code A18
Herne, Germany

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