Re: [guide-user] History of Guide

jarisuomela Jan 21, 2018

Hi Mati, all

The publishing history of Guide is under Help/About Guide... in Guide.  It looks like this:

Version 1.0 of GUIDE was released in April 1993
version 2.0, in July 1993
version 3.0, May 1994
version 4.0, July 1995
version 5.0, August 1996
version 6.0, September 1997
version 7.0, November 1998
version 8.0, January 2002
version 9.0, November 2011
and version 9.1, December 2015.
You are currently running the 10 Jul 2017 version.

I'm an unapologetic Guide user since version 1. The May issue of S&T had an advertisement which caught my eye, and I promptly ordered a copy by letter mail (no internet then!). I received it on April 30, 1993, so soon I'll be celebrating a quarter of a century of use. How time flies!
On the previous page there's an ad for Megastar, which was sold for $139 plus shipping on dozens of 5-1/4" floppy disks. And it didn't even have solar system objects. Guide was more versatile and way cheaper. I still have the original CD and manual.


Kind regards,