Re: [guide-user] TLE Fetch Endless Loop

SCOTT KRANZ Jan 21, 2018

I just tried this myself and got the same problem where the little download box pops up and repeats and repeats and repeats......  Tried running the tear2.exe file as suggested below and then I get a debug.txt file created. Inside the text file it says "

tear2: Dec 11 2017 20:42:32

0 bytes read of 0
Estimated 0 bytes
Errcode -2146697203
Progress location 0

Any ideas?

This is my work computer where I DO NOT have admin rights.....  Is that what is causing my problem?

Time for a GUIDE update?



On January 10, 2018 at 8:45 AM "kdrako@... [guide-user]" <> wrote:


When trying to get new TLE files an endless loop would begin. The only way to end it was through Task Manager killing tear2.exe. While looking through the older topics I found the new file that Bill linked to pertaining the change in MPC target to https which seems to have solved the issue. Not sure why though. Thanks Bill.