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P. Clay Sherrod Jan 20, 2018

Whoa!  Commodore 64 (!?!)
That must have been the Guide Embryo edition.  I thought that I had been using it forever, but you have me beat.
We might hear from someone who used Guide on the original edition of Pong.
I do remember when the entire concept was called "Project Pluto" and it was my brother back in 1999 who convinced me that GUIDE was the way to go for serious observatory use, and he was absolutely right.  Never have looked back, tried the others and keep loving GUIDE.
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Don't remember the year but I've been using Guide since before it was named "Guide".  Anyone remember using "Project Pluto"?  

I'm not sure but it MAY have been on my old Commodore 64.  My brain cells refuse to calculate how many years ago that was <g>