Re: [guide-user] inport the latest GCVS data in Guide 9.0

chasseurdesgalaxies Jan 10, 2018

Hi Bernd,

Thank you for this. I had seen the "empty" lines at the beginning of the (sorted) GCVS catalogue, but didn't know how to handle this (and I didn't want to change anything).

As for the "distance" of the drawn star from the real place, I was wondering whether this has to do with the fact that there are other variable star catalogues in the Guide folder (not in the Guide main folder, but in the subfolder, called "Variables"). I was wondering whether I should delete this folder completely, as it is of no use anymore.

May I again use ZZ Cam as an example (my PC is not available for me at the moment, I am on my mobile phone, so I couldn't test with the new star you introduced).

But zooming in maximally with ZZ Cam in the center of the map, I get 4 (four) star signe (for the same star) and two designations: "ZZ" and "ZZ Cam" !!! One star ist black (with only a white circle) and (at maximum "zoom in") more far away from the place where ZZ Cam should be. If I click on this one to get more information, Guide crashes. I think there is definitively interference with some other (older?)catalogue. ... But which one ?

Kind regards