Re: [guide-user] inport the latest GCVS data in Guide 9.0

Bernd Klemt Jan 10, 2018


> Hey Bob,
> hi all,
> ok I see. There is at least one further problem, as Guide 9.1 ( = whether through
> the backslash hotkey or through the menu) for instance still doesn't find the
> variable stars beginning with VO + a number !
> Could be an issue with the .tdf file. I'll have a look !
> Rudi

I just searched gcvs_cat.dat with Notepad++ for "VO" (ASCII hex 56 and ASCII hex
4F). There are no entries. So Guide is correct in finding no entry. I think you
mean "V0" (ASCII hex 56 and ASCII hex 30). For this Notepad++ counts 32004
matches which means 16002 stars because the name appears 2 times per line

By the way: There are some other oddities in gcvs_cat.dat. At the beginning of
the RA sorted file there are 160 stars without coordinates. When the star does
not exist e.g. "Note exists" in the column "Other desig." then Guide points to
"00h02m33.725 +00 16' 42.24" J2000.0". That seems ok to me because when precessed
back to B1950.0 it gives exactly 00h00m00.00s and 00 00'00.00" though the
corresponding tdf file states "epoch 2000".

But when the star without coordinate exists, e.g. has another designation then
Guide points the this stars coordinates given in gcvs_cat.dat (tested with CZ Sct
= V1706 Aql). But the star symbol is drawn a few arcsec beside that.

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt

Sternwarte Herne, MPC code A18
Herne, Germany

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