Re: [guide-user] inport the latest GCVS data in Guide 9.0

Bernd Klemt Jan 10, 2018

Hello Bob,

for me the hotkey "\" works fine. I use the latest Guide 9.1 version from
2017/07/10 and the new GCVS data set. Perhaps you should verify which short key
is assigned to "\".

Look at |Settings|Toolbar|Go to a variable star|. You find this entry rather at
the beginning of the long list in the middle of the whole bunch of "Go to" items.
There you can see what hotkey is actually in use. Of course you can also assign
another (unused) key to it.

Hope this helps.

> Rudi,
> Thanks for looking into the GCVS problem, but I think you misunderstood the
> problem I was having. I'm trying to get the newest version of the GCVS to work
> with the "\" hotkey. The reason it doesn't work is because the newer version of
> the GCVS has extra columns for more precise positions and other additional data.
> Bill updated the .tdf file to work with this new format but the internal code for
> the "\" hotkey needs updating as well. I don't believe this is something that a
> Guide user can do.
> Thanks,
> Bob

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