RE: [guide-user] inport the latest GCVS data in Guide 9.0

Roger Pickard Jan 9, 2018

Many thanks Rudi, that’s done it.





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Sent: 08 January 2018 22:34
Subject: RE: [guide-user] inport the latest GCVS data in Guide 9.0


Hi Roger and Bob,

I can frist confirm your experience.

I think however, I found the solution (or at least a workaround) to your problem. I had already made the exeprience with my own .tdf files, that data in the catalogue file need to be sorted by right ascension, otherwise a whole bunch of strange results will appear. Bill has mentioned the "strange results" somewhere, but I didn't find it back.

But here:,

Bill says the following with repect to the .tdf file (most user defined datasets consist of two files, a .tdf file and the .dat catalogue):

"If you've provided ..., and the data is sorted in order of increasing RA, then it's a good idea to add the "sort 1" keyword. If Guide knows the dataset is already sorted, it can skip over large amounts of data and draw your dataset much faster! Fortunately, many datasets are provided in this order, or are small enough to make this improvement less important".

I found a software (= notepad ++), that allows to sort the data of the GCVS catalogue according to right ascension (and declination) without modifying anything else !! Here is a YouTube video showing how two proceed:  For the selection of the columns, put the cursor at the right or left side of the first line of the column to be selected (here R.A. and Decl.), then push "Alt" and "Shift" on your keyboard at the same time and create a (grey) frame with the mouse. When the column is correctly selected for all the 52.000 lines of the catalogue (takes a long time to scroll down !) you can relase the tabs and the mouse button and go to the menu "edit" / "line" / "sort by lexigraphical order" on notepad++.

You do not need to change the .tdf file (even if the sort command in the tdf file is set to 0 and not to 1).

Everything works fine for me now and Guide finds ZZ Cam without any problem.

As it is a bit cumbersome to do the sorting of the 52.000 lines of the GCVS catalogue, I will upload tomorrow the modified gcvs_cat.dat file (based on the last available GSVC catalogue = July 2017) to the Yahoo Guide users upload folder.

All the best for 2018