Re: [guide-user] inport the latest GCVS data in Guide 9.0

rjmodic Dec 30, 2017


I just updated my gcvs.tdf file and downloaded the latest gcvs_cat.dat file from the CdS.

Searching for variables using the tdf menu button works with the new file, however, when I try to use the "\" hotkey it takes me to a position far away from the correct one for each variable star.  I tried toggling Guide's built-in GCVS data as well as the tdf file, but this did not fix things.  Only when I renamed the gcvs_cat.dat file to gcvs_cat.dat.bak so Guide couldn't use it did the "\" hotkey work correctly again.

Looking further into this, I noticed that the position that Guide takes me to using the "\" hotkey and the new gcvs_cat.dat has the correct R.A. but an incorrect Dec.  So, perhaps Guide's code for the "\" hotkey is using the format of the old gcvs_cat.dat file.