Re: Position of guide chip frame

coles44 Dec 29, 2017

Thanks Bill,

I have fooled around with the ccds.nam file already to put in the information about the size of the two chips for the SBIG 16200. Not sure I got it correctly, but it seems to display properly when selected. That is, everything except the guide chip offset. Here is the text string I am using from the ccds.nam file.

SBIG STXL 11002                  KAF-16200    6        6    4500  3600  961 0,.92,.24,.28,640,480

From your reply, I would change the .92 value highlighted above, increasing it to extend the distance of the guider from the main chip. I have some data from TheSkyX which indicates the guide chip in Guide9 has to go out about 70% further. So I assume I have to increase .92 by 70%. Is that correct?

The ccds.nam file is open in notepad. And I should save it as a text file.