Re: GUIDE8, "Red stars" mode and Windows 10

steepit Dec 21, 2017


I had similar problems using Guide in the field.  To fix it, I adjusted the Windows colors.  Under Windows 10 you can adjust the display colors not under Guide's direct control.  Go to Settings - Ease of Access - Colors and High Contrast.  There you can set the Windows colors to reds, blacks, and dark blues.  You can save the settings as a theme.  Please note that this theme is not to be confused with the themes kept under Personalization.  To go back to your original colors, set the theme under Colors and High Contrast to None.

I also cover my laptop screen with a sheet of transparent red acrylic which knocks the brightness down to just the right level when at my dark sky site.  I use #997 from Sloan's Woodshop.  I use the 1/16 inch acrylic which is darker than its 1/8 inch counterpart.

Clear skies,

Tom Kunsitis - Richmond, Virginia USA