Re: [guide-user] Guide 9 crashes when toggling tdf user data set ON/OFF

Christian Ambros Nov 20, 2017

Hi Rudi,

I had that once while there were problems with overlay creation. These are fixed now, take a look at the website.

First things first, what versio of guide are you using and are on windows or linux? Which version of the OS do you use and did you use a registery cleaner, lately? If not, do so and give it a try. It might be so, that your own tdf lost it's registry index on windows 10. This may happen. If you run Guide 9.1 with wine on Linux, make sure your tdf file hast the right use rights and is read, write and executable to you and your group. Check the ownership, too.

An other way to get things running is, copy the Minkowski tdf to a different name and alter it, include your code remove that from others an save it. If Guide crashes, than there is something wrong with your code.


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I have a strange problem: Guide 9 crashes when trying to toggle a (self-created) user data On or OFF (in "Extras\Toggle User Data sets"), while it works for others user data sets (also for self created stes, like the Minkowski catalogue for instance) without any problem. I tried everything, reduced the catalogue to only two lines (because I thought it was too large), I reduced the commands / information to be shown, etc in the tdf file to a minimum,  ... just to avoid crashing. But nothing helped.

Do you have an idea what could be the reason ? I am really intrigued, because it works for other user data sets (tdf files / catalogues).

Kind regards