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Description : I more often stumbled over references to Minkowski nebula. As Guide does not contain a list of these objects (but others, like the Abell and PK (Perek-Kohoutek) catalogues, it seemed useful to me to only extract the Minkowski data from a dataset of 1143 planetary nebulas published by Kent Wallace and Doug Snyder on (still available through the internet archive ("wayback machine") on This list of 1143 planetaries seems to be an amended version of "The Strasbourg-ESO Catalogue of Galactic Planetary Nebulae" (Acker et al. 1992), as this catalogue also contains 1143 objects.

The 189 (+ 1) objects having a Minkowski designation in the above list however do not represent all nebulas discovered by Minkowski, but only those, which were classified as "true" planetary nebula by the ESO. This restriction thus necessarily also applies to my excerpt of data, ... with one exception. As "Minkowski's footprint nebula" (M-1-92) is so famous (through the Hubble picture), I suppose that the question would have arisen, why it is not on the list. So I added it back, even if it is a "protoplanetary" nebula, and not a "true" planetary !

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