Re: Setting up the CCD Frame and Guide chip Frame

coles44 Oct 31 8:01 AM

I think some of this is sorted out. I went into the ccds file and changed the pixel size and sensor dimensions on the STXL 11002 CCD to match the 16200. So now I apparently have the correct sensor size for the 16200 when selecting the 11002. I could have changed the name and probably will do that eventually.

Now my question is, what parameters in the rest of the description control the size of the guide chip and the offset from the center of the primary chip, and by how much of course. Here is the current text string.

SBIG STXL 11002                  KAF-16200    6        6    4500  3600  961 0,.92,.24,.28,640,480

Thanks for your help.