Re: [guide-user] Re: Setting up the CCD Frame and Guide chip Frame

BHudgens Oct 30 9:08 PM

Eric,   I'm a long time Guide user.  In my Guide directory the file is named CCDS.NAM   with the 's'   Maybe that is part of the problem with Guide on your computer.
Ben Hudgens

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I am back up and running with the original Guide9 folder. Whatever I have tried either does not show the 16200 or crashes the program. I looked at the link to the latest ccd.nam file. A search for the text 16200 shows nothing. I also tried copying the text you put in one of the responses that describes the 16200 and pasted that into the ccd.nam file to produce a file that I know has a 16200 description. That file crashes Guide9.

I am back to the original question. How do I get the 16200 to show up in the CCD selection box.