Re: [guide-user] What is C://Guide9/Utils/tear2.exe

Bill Gray Oct 15 1:16 PM

Hi Joe,

Yup, that's a false detection. 'tear2' is a little program for
downloading files (DSS images, comet elements, and star catalogues).
You'll find that none of those functions works without it.

I don't know enough about PC Mastic (never heard of it before,
actually!), but I assume there's a way to tell it that a particular
program really is OK. Copy tear2.exe back over from the DVD,
get PC Mastic to accept it, and you should be fine.

-- Bill

On 2017-10-15 12:08, 'JoeMize' jmize@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Installed Guide9.1 from DVD last Wednesday, no problems, Win7 Pro.
> Saturday night in PC Mastic's weekly ‘Full Scan’ it reported: “_C:\\Guide9.1\*Utils\tear2.exe* was detected as a virus and removed_”.
> I found the same file on the DVD.  Is this is a good file and what it is for, or was it a valid detection?  I suspect it’s a false detection.
> I’ve had no other issues with my Laptop or running Guide9 so far. Thkx...joe  :)
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