Re: DSS/Real Sky

kelowna_dave Oct 3 6:12 AM

Thanks for the help. Despite the fact that I installed Guide9 under the default (C:/guide9) the problem arose.

However I reinstalled using the method you provided and everything is working just fine.

The process is straight forward, but I had to google "open a cmd prompt" in windows 10. Microsoft couldn't find the "guide9 app" so I simply reinstalled over top in the same location. Perhaps all that would be needed would be a deletion of the guide9 directory.

*** Begin Microsoft rant:
Don't understand why Microsoft keeps screwing around with basic simple processes which have been useful for years. Probably an attempt to "baffle brains" showing how "impressive" the new program is.
I know it's a pipe dream now but I sure wish a real OS like Unix could replace Microsoft.
End Microsoft rant: ***

Thanks again Rudi.