Re: DSS/Real Sky

chasseurdesgalaxies Oct 2 11:29 AM

Hi Dave,

really just a guess: could it be a permission (acess rights)  issue ?

[Where did you install the Guide folder in your WIN 10 ? ... You need to know that, if you did not install directly into the C:\ folder, but for instance in "C:\Program Folders\Guide 9.1", then - for security reasons - WIN 10 doesn't give you all access rights (permissions), even if you are the (sole) user of the computer (!)].

I have described here, how you can overcome this: Try to apply the procedure described in a similar way to the whole Guide folder, ... but don't forget to close the "built in administrator account" again (also for security reasons).

I know the procedure looks a a bit difficult to do, but it isn't. ... And do not hesitate to ask again, if it does not work.

Again: it is just a guess. Might be something else as well !