DSS/Real Sky

kelowna_dave Oct 2 8:54 AM

I have been using Guide since Version 7 starting with Windows XP and until now everything has gone very smoothly.

I have Guide 9.1 on my laptop (Windows 7) as I use this to computer when doing astrophotography.

I also have Guide 9.1 on my desktop with Windows 10.

Normally when I scroll deep into an object (about 1 degree), I see an image of that object. Such as galaxies, clusters, nebulae, planetaries, etc.

However, when I try this with my windows 10 desktop I get nothing unless I have the CD installed in the cd drive.

I do not like to keep my cd in the drive and want to have these DSS/Real Sky images on my hard drive as I have on my laptop.

I have tried using Extras menu item "Install to hard drive" but all that installs is the lone object I happen to be focused upon.

I would be grateful if someone can tell me what I am doing wrong and how to proceed.