Re: [guide-user] How to search for a Quasar in guide 9.1?

BHudgens Sep 29, 2017

Here is what I do...
click on Goto dropdown menu
Click on Goto .tdf object
that will open the Quasar selection window
enter   "3C 287.0" without the quotes   be sure to include the .0 on the end
That will take you to position  12h30m37s  +25d09m10s

 Ben Hudgens

On 9/29/2017 10:18 AM, Joaquin Tapioles pastorgalactico@... [guide-user] wrote:

Hello; I've tried looking for the quasar 3C 287 in guide 9.1 and there's no way that guide you looking for it saying it is not a valid object.
What steps do you have to take to find them?
For example I look for 3C 287.
Any suggestions?


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