link between MARKS.NAM and Z2.NAM

Bernd Klemt Sep 15, 2017


I try to find out the exact links between the files MARKS.NAM and Z2.NAM. I know
that they contain the file names for the settings of saved map files in Guide

As I have more then 150 saved maps I want to clean this list as many are obsolete
now (old occultations of stars by minor planets). Doing this with the menue is
rather lengthy. Also MARKS.NAM has "0169" in the first line followed by
"factory.mar" in the 2nd line. Z2.NAM says "0167" followed by an empty line and
then "109Felic.mar (109) Felicitas !" Furthermore none is
in an exact alphabetical order though at first sight it seems so.

My question: is it possible to edit these 2 files with an ASCII editor
(alphabetical sorting, deleting lines and adjusting the number of entries)? And
what happens when I don't delete the corresponding *.MAR files?

Another thing: is there a different workaround for a correct display of german
umlauts in the drop down list of saved marks from avoiding them when saving a

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt

Sternwarte Herne, MPC code A18
Herne, Germany

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