Re: [guide-user] UCAC4 Won't Display in Guide 9.1 Window 10

doesper Jul 17, 2017

Hi Bill (and thanks, Joaquin!),

I've made the recommended changes, adding the line you suggested, but UCAC4 still does not display.

In fact, when I Go to : Object name...  and enter 4UC357-134271, then click on OK, I now get an error box that says "GUIDE8 MFC Application has stopped working" and I have to close the program, whereas before it just said "Not a valid object."  Despite the error message, I am indeed running Guide 9.1 (the 10 Dec 2015 version).

That said, this is the only problem I have ever encountered using Guide.  It is an extraordinary program, and I and many many others will be forever indebted to you for creating it!