Re: [guide-user] Artificial star MAYAK.

Bill Gray Jul 17, 2017

On 2017-07-14 12:30, pastorgalactico@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Hello,
> They have launched artificial star MAYAK,
> When will you be able to know your steps through the sky through GUIDE 9.1?

I don't know.

(For those wondering about this: MAYAK (Russian for 'beacon') is
a crowd-funded CubeSat which will expand into a tetrahedral reflector.
Flashes from it should be brighter than Venus. It launched on 14
July. It should test "space sail" methods and draw attention to
spaceflight in general, as well as probably annoying some of us
looking for dark skies... fortunately from that viewpoint, it
probably won't be able to stay in orbit long before decaying.)

This launch was designated 2017-042. Its main payload was the
Kanopus-V-IK, a satellite for locating forest fires, plus a _lot_
of other CubeSats. The current list of satellite elements gives
a total of 72 objects from this launch. All, except Kanopus-V-IK,
are given the name "TBA - TO BE ASSIGNED".

I _think_ this means that at present, NORAD is "seeing" one
recognizable object and 71 cubes that all look alike. Once MAYAK
deploys, it should be _extremely_ recognizable, and NORAD will
change the name of one of the 71 cubes to MAYAK.

When they do that, Guide will be able to locate the object.

-- Bill