Re: [guide-user] UCAC4 Won't Display in Guide 9.1 Window 10

tmjoaquin Jul 16, 2017

I have checked it and I have looked for the star occlusions by asteroids of the year 2017 and I see that to me if I leave the oculatciones with the stars of the catalog ucac4.
I have several ideas;
You have to put this in the guide dat file;
DLG_3025 = UCAC4_PATH = c: \ guide9 \ ucac4
Without any space and disasctivar the ucac3 in seeing stars,
And also in other user data activate the ucac4 in auto mode and see if it works because I have it asin and as you can see here if it comes out.
Greetings and luck.
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Subject: [guide-user] UCAC4 Won't Display in Guide 9.1 Window 10


Since IOTA uses the UCAC4 catalogue and not UCAC3 for asteroid occultation predictions, and since VizieR states that UCAC3 has been superseded by UCAC4, I decided to take the plunge and try to coax Guide into using and displaying the UCAC4 catalog instead of UCAC3.

After trying carefully to follow all the instructions given in Grant Blair’s thread on UCAC4 on this forum late last year, I am still not able to get UCAC4 to display.


I downloaded the UCAC4 catalog from Vizier (~9 Gb) and copied the contents of the entire UCAC4 directory to c:\guide9\ucac4, as shown here:


And, here are my settings and screen shots that should be helpful:


Thanks much for any assistance you can provide.


David Oesper

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