Re: [guide-user] Printing while an info menu box is open

BHudgens Jun 13, 2017

You may already know of this option. It is not quite what you wan...tWhen the info box is open, click on the 'edit' and that will copy and paste the info to your default text editor.   I usually print my chart and then print the info on the back of the chart or a separate page if longer.

On 6/12/2017 12:42 PM, tedblank@... [guide-user] wrote:

Hi Bill, I was wondering if there was any way to print a page from Guide while a "right-click" information box is up on the screen from a star.    I know I can "screen scrape" and print it myself, but just thought I'd ask if there was a way to print with that info box visible so the info box appears on the printed page.