Re: [guide-user] Galaxy pictures intrude on printed charts

Bev M Ewen-Smith May 25, 2017

At 02:17 25-05-2017, you wrote:
>Bev, try Toggle RS Images to turn off Gx images
>before saving as BMP to be printed. Gx outlines
>and names will remain when Gx images are turned off.
> If the small Gx icon, with a diagonal line
> through it, is not on your Tool Bar go to
> Settings > Tool Bar, scroll down and highlight
> Toggle RS Images, select ON then click OK to
> place the Gx icon on your Tool Bar. Clicking
> this Menu Bar Tool will Turn On–Off Gx images.

Hi Joe

Thank you very much it solved the problem. The
button was not on the toolbar and I would never
have found it for myself. I am very grateful for your help.