Re: [guide-user] Asteroids display dependent on azimuth

Bernd Klemt Apr 12, 2017

Hello Gerhard,

> Hello all,
> I use mpcorb.dat for asteroid display in Guide9. If I set the limit to
> +17mag for example, I see a lot of asteroids as expected.
> But if I use a display (Size 2) and center in the range from about 2 to
> 70 deg azimuth (north=0, east=90), most but not all of the asteroids are
> switched off. Outside this azimuth range all asteroids up to the set mag
> limit are visible. No matter if asteroid labes are set ON/or OFF.

you didn't mention the time and date when you see only this few mp's in Guide.
For me it looks nearly the same. Above an elevation of about 20 deg there are
only very few mp's. But that's because they are mostly aligned along the ecliptic
which is below the horizon in this azimuth range just at this moment I write this
email (13. Apr. 2017 05:38 UTC). I will send you a screenshot privatly.
> Can anybody confirm this behaviour in Guide9? Or what could be the
> reason for this?
> Regards
> Gerhard

Clear skies

Bernd Klemt

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