Douglas Slauson Apr 6, 2017

I have the LEDA Million Galaxy Catalog turned on. Everything was
installed from the single Guide 9.1 DVD, including the LEDA Million
Galaxy Catalog. After I read Tom's query I started Guide 9.1 and zoomed
in at a point near Gamma Virginis (Porrima) with the Virgo Supercluster
and Guide 9.1 was displaying galaxies fainter than 18.0. I then turned
off the LEDA catalog (Extras/Toggle User Datasets) and the faint
galaxies disappeared. Turn the LEDA catalog back on and the faint
galaxies reappear. When right-clicking on faint galaxy symbols, most of
these galaxies didn't show the LEDA catalogue designations; rather, they
typically displayed only the Principal Galaxy Catalog designations. My
take on this is that when using Guide 9.1 LEDA labels are displayed only
when other catalog labels are lacking.

I would welcome other comments.

Doug S.