Re: Exoplanet plug-in data set for Guide?

chasseurdesgalaxies Mar 10, 2017

Thank you Oliver,

managed to install the list (on WIN 10) with the exomat tool and your clear instructions, ... but only the third time !

An error popped up twice saying that the path to a text file could not be found.

The third time, I activated the "build in administrator account", i.e.:
(1) I opened a cmd line as an administrator and typed at cmd:
(2) "net user administator /active:yes" (respecting the distances, without quotation marks; attention: the word "administrator" is language sensitive (in my case = French =  "administrateur)
(3) logged off as a user
(4) logged in as the newly created administator (account)
(5) repeated all steps of the installation process
(6) logged off as administrator
(7) logged in as user

(8) not to forget, closed the "build in" administrator account (when logged in as user) withe the cmd: "net user administator /active:no"(security risk).

No it works like a charm !

Thanks a lot to Christian also !