Re: [guide-user] 45P in 3 different locations?

barringtonri Mar 8, 2017

Hi Clay,

Since the MPC no longer breaks out critical list asteroids I've relied completely on your MPEC Sort ver program for this function.  The website says the routine pulls down the following circulars: Amors, Unusual Minor Planets, PHAs, Atens & Apollos, Atira, Comets. 

Question: Am I correct in assuming that somewhere in there it's got also got what used to be the asteroids on the critical list. 

I don't use the Sort program report because with things like the moon, the Milky Way, and local horizon it's easier to just select directly from the updated Guide 9 (10 Dec 2015 version).

Question: what's the difference between the comets downloaded thru MPEC Sort and those in the Soft02Cmt.txt file?  If both data sets are stored in Guide are there duplicates, and to which will Guide 9 version defer?

As noted elsewhere, every night before observing I reload the house computer Guide9 through MPEC Sort and use it for planning.  And every night before observing I reload the observatory computer Guide 9 with the posted version of MPCORB.DAT.  At this point it looks like I should also be loading both computers with the Soft02Cmt.txt file after renaming it Soft02Cm.txt.

I'm not highly automated and will typically handle the astrometry for one object at a time, waiting for enough movement to justify 3 observations before moving on to the next object.  (Slews aren't accurate and I don't have automatic plate solve).  Given all of the above, can you suggest a better approach for astrometry?

Your inputs are greatly appreciated.

Pete  I15