RE: [guide-user] RE: comet 45P -- whats going on ?

Roger Pickard Feb 12, 2017

Shows up as 8.4 in my Guide 9.1.




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Sent: 12 February 2017 20:28
Subject: [guide-user] RE: comet 45P -- whats going on ?


I can confirm - just did the same operation (9.1, too) – shows as a stunning 3.7 for me, also.


It looked like Guide was able to pull data from internet sources – quite often this “Click to download updated comet data and it to Guide” option fails for me. On this occasion, it at least partly-worked.




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Sent: Sunday, February 12, 2017 3:11 PM
Subject: [guide-user] comet 45P -- whats going on ?



updated comet info on guide 9.1   comet 45P magnitude is 3.7   why is it wrong and how to fix it ?