Re: [guide-user] Asteroids Guide 9

Bill Gray Feb 10, 2017

Hi Roger,

Sounds as if it's stumbling after 2017 Feb 16 = JD 2457800.5. Or
possibly half a day earlier, exactly at 2457800. Is that the break
point you're seeing?

If you put the Guide DVD in the drive and restart the program,
do the asteroids appear?

The asteroid elements provided with Guide have epochs 200 days
apart, so there's a pair of files used for JD 2457600.5 to 2457800.5,
files for the next and previous 200 days, and so on. It's conceivable
that somehow, the files for 2457800.5 to 2458000.5 are missing or
corrupted. If Guide can read them from the DVD, you might see
asteroids suddenly working past next week.

I'd suggest going into Extras... Install to Hard Drive, and
looking for the 'Asteroid files (100 MBytes)' line (second one in
the dialog) and the 'Extra asteroid ephemeris range (120 Mbytes)'
line, which is closer to the bottom. Turn them both off and click

Then go back in there and turn them both on and click OK. This
will cause Guide to delete those files (assuming they're present to
start with), then reload them.

I'm unable to replicate this, and there isn't really anything
different about the files before JD 2457800 and those following it.
So it's all a bit mysterious.

-- Bill

On 2017-02-10 11:49, chasseurdesgalaxies@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Hi,
> I suddely have a strange problem with asteroids (minor planets). Guide shows them and their positions for taoday and 4 days in advance, but if I want to see them 1 week (it begins with 5 days) in advance (or one month), the simply disappear from the chart. ... All of them !
> If I go back from the 5th day in advanc'e to four days in advance, they reappear ???
> Anyone who had this already and has found a solution ?
> Thanks
> Roger