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pastorgalactico Feb 7, 2017

I've followed all those steps.
I installed GUIDE again) and then I've got the GUIDE9.1 update stick it as you have advised me and the problem persists coming out that cascade of errors when trying to update comets and asteroids.
I put here what is currently in the file (add_mpc...
 The ^Minor Planet Center (MPC)//x^ and the ^IMCCE//x^
provide orbital elements for comets.  Guide updates its list of comets
using both sources;  MPC gives currently-observable comets,  IMCCE all
comets since about 1995.  (Data for historical comets is already built
into the Guide DVD.)   You can click on the following to download
some of these files,  getting orbital data for newly-found objects and
improving orbits for already known objects.  About 600 KBytes will be
^Click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide//d soft02cm.txt;d eltdat.txt;a2789^

   Guide can also import other orbital elements if they're provided in
the "eight-line format",  or the "one-line format" used for Daily Orbit
Updates.  You wouldn't normally do this,  but if you have generated an
orbit using Find_Orb,  for example,  you could import the resulting file
of orbital elements using the following command.
^Add MPC asteroids/comets//!2052^
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I'd note that if you've installed the Guide 9.1 ZIP file from

your 'add_mpc.hee' should look exactly as Denis describes. (And if it
does not, it suggests that the ZIP file wasn't actually unZIPped so as
to overwrite files in your Guide 9 folder, and you should try again.
When you do so, you should get a warning about overwriting some files
in your Guide folder, such as guide9.exe. If you don't get that warning,
the files are being extracted into the wrong place.)

-- Bill

On 2017-02-06 20:39, Denis boucherd@... [guide-user] wrote:
> Check the file "add_mpc.hee" in guide folder and open it with notepad as it is a text file.
> The main internet line should be this one:
> ^Click to download updated comet data and add it to Guide//d soft02cm.txt;d eltdat.txt;a2789^
> If it is not, use this one. Save it in the Guide folder.
> On 06-Feb-17 5:21 PM, pastorgalactico@... [guide-user] wrote:
>> Hello;
>> I have that same problem for a long time and today uninstall my guide 9 and make a new installation with dvd guide 9.0 and then I got the update to guide 9.1 and I have verified that when trying to update comets and asteroids a cascade of errors occurs and Not getting the update
>> The pc works with XP operating system and I have other pc with xp and W7 and this error does not occur.
>> Regards;
>> J.Tapioles

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