Re: [guide-user] Re: new issue with comet update

Bill Gray Feb 5, 2017

Hi Bob, John,

I think I missed something here...

Bob, you wrote : "it was working and Now i can not connect to
server......gets stuck in loop" Do you (and/or John) get an error
message? What exactly happens here?

You _can_ download the file John mentioned (direct link is at

and save it as 'soft02cm.txt' in your Guide folder. That would be
the method I'd recommend. (That's really all the automatic updating
is supposed to actually do... along with downloading updated comet
data from the IMCCE. Except that they appear to have stopped updating
their comet data; I may have to fill in that gap by generating comet
elements myself. Which I can do, but it'll be a fair nuisance.)

-- Bill