Using Guide to control CGE-Pro

Ted Blank Nov 20, 2016

First, let me say that it appears to be working fine.  :-)  Serial port is using COM3, ASCOM drivers installed, Guide can control the scope.

However I wanted to check to see if I'm doing things correctly, or if there are ways to do them better.

The mount is on a pier and is carefully polar-aligned.  I've  done a three-star alignment and added calibration stars.  Go-tos via the hand controller are accurate.

When I wake the mount up from hibernation, this is the way I get it working with Guide, which I want to confirm is right:

1) Slew the mount via the hand controller to a known object, and confirm it's centered in the eyepeice

2) Use the Guide go-to menu to send Guide to the same object

3) Click on "Slew Guide" in the Scope Control pop-up.  My assumption here is that this tells Guide that this is where the telescope is physically pointing, so it can have a known starting point.

From this point forward, I use Guide to find any object in its database, select it with a right-click (or just use "go to object"), and then click on "Slew Telescope".   Guide then sends the scope to that object.  As I say, it works beautifully, but any help understanding things better or suggestions for improvement will be welcome.