Re: [guide-user] Luna data - Supermoon

Luc Desamore Nov 13, 2016

Hi Bill and all

Looking in other sources I found :

MICA2 (Nautical Almanach of US Naval Observatory and H. M. Nautical Almanac
356508.987km at about 11h21m08s

Jean Meeus (Hemelkalender)
356509km at 11h21

IMCCE (Ephemerides 2016)
356508.987 km at 11h 21m 08s

Different Moon theory ?


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From: "Bill Gray pluto@... [guide-user]"

> Guide gives a geocentric distance, at 11:23 UTC on 14 November, of
> 356510 km (and also gets that time for perigee).

> 1 au= 149597870.700 km.
> Using this, and checking times at one-minute intervals, I got
> a minimum distance of 356610.367 km at 11:28. The time agrees with JPL,
> but the distance disagrees by nine meters. Which, considering it ought
> to agree to within about a meter, is a little distressing. I will
> investigate.