Re: [guide-user] UCAC4 (again)

Denis Nov 12, 2016

Here is a possible fix. Open your guide.dat file and delete the
UCAC4_PATH= line.

The one that start with DLG... is made to retain the last entry in a
dialog text entry. No need to delete it.

Save Guide.dat

Open Guide9, open the dialog by using the keys "ALT+J" and enter the
"UCAC4_PATH= (ucac4 location)".

It will tell guide where to find the UCAC4 folder.

The Guidedat file will not show this entry but only what you have enter
in the dialog box.

From here turn on UCAC4 in data sets to show between 0 to 1, select
auto, set the same mag seen in guide now, turn labels on, select done.

Hope it solves your problem.


On 11-Nov-16 7:51 PM, Woodchuk woodl@... [guide-user] wrote:
> You maybe having a problem with the entries in the <guide.dat> file.
> Here is a snippet of my that file pointing out the different possibilities.
> -----------------
> LIS_1120=63
> DLG_1121=18333-2357
> DLG_4621=5189
> UCAC4_PATH=c:\guide9\ucac4
> DLG_4625=1018
> DLG_3025=MPCORB_PATH=C:\asteroid MPC\SMPC\MPCORB.dat
> DLG_4100=6543
> DLG_4641=873
> DL
> -------------------------------------End
> I used <Alt J> to enter the path for the MPCORB data and used a direct entry into
> <guide.dat> for the path to UCAC4.
> You see that the MPCORB entry has a second line of code associated with it. If you
> alter the one line without altering the second one it will not access the data.
> Easiest to delete both lines and change by using <Alt J>.
> The second possibility for error. Are you sure you have all the UCAC4 data. Check
> properties of Folder -- should be: Size 8.29 GB,
> Contains 901 files,0 folders
> I know the frustration as I struggle with Bits and Bytes but I have a good Guru to
> assist me.
> Hope this of some help.
> Larry Wood
> On 2016-11-11 12:50 PM, 'Blair, Grant' g.blair@... [guide-user] wrote:
>> Hi All,
>> I don’t think I am a particularly inept person in general, but getting Guide 9.1
>> (10 Dec, 2015 version) to access UCAC4 (locally on the same HD as Guide) eludes me.
>> I downloaded the entire UCAC4 tree from
>> into D:\UCAC4 on my laptop, keeping the relative directory structure.
>> I have Guide 9.1 installed in D:\AstroData\Guide9
>> I have the following in GUIDE.DAT:
>> I have UCAC-4 flagged with an asterisk in Extras-Toggle User Datasets and the
>> ‘on’ radio button is selected, as is display at a scale of 0 – 1 degrees.
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