Re: [guide-user] Installing Guide 8 on a Windows 10 PC

Bill Gray Nov 12, 2016

Hello all,

I obviously need to figure out how to make UCAC4 display issues
easier to puzzle out.

I'd not run into problems with changing the 'file' line in ucac4.tdf.
I've revised it so that the file now starts with a warning :

# 2012 Apr 30: built from ucac3.tdf
# Don't change the following file name. Guide will build a file with this
# exact name in its own folder, changing it as you move around the sky.
file ucac4.txt
title UCAC-4

That part was easy. I think the two most common issues, though, will
be a little more difficult to handle.

First, there are cases where the wrong files are downloaded, or are
corrupted. It occurs to me that having a list of the file sizes would
almost always get you around this one :

File corruption does happen on rare occasion, and you could have a
situation where the files are the right size but contain the wrong bytes.
But getting "strange" files that aren't the correct UCAC4 files, and are
not the right size, is more common.

The second issue involves the UCAC4_PATH line in 'guide.dat'. That
just seems to throw people off. I may be able to have that work through
a file-opening dialog... actually, I just tried to do that, and it seems
to work. You pick one of the z001 through z900 files, and it says "Guide
now knows where to find UCAC4 data." I'll give it a bit of a test to make
sure I've not done anything too foolish, but it's looking good thus far.

-- Bill

On 2016-11-12 06:29, roger.dymock@... [guide-user] wrote:
> My thanks to Denis who finally got me on the right track. It would appear to be the address in the UCAC4.tdf file that was incorrect. I had c:\ucac4.txt
> whereas Denis advised that it should be ucac4.txt and that works!!!
> I used the guide.dat and ucac4.tdf files that Denis sent me on my desktop PC but just changed the above line on my laptop and all was revealed.
> Regards