UCAC4 (again)

Blair, Grant Nov 11, 2016

Hi All,


I don’t think I am a particularly inept person in general, but getting Guide 9.1 (10 Dec, 2015 version) to access UCAC4 (locally on the same HD as Guide) eludes me.


I downloaded the entire UCAC4 tree from cdsarc.u-strasbg.fr/pub/cat/I/322A/UCAC4 into D:\UCAC4 on my laptop, keeping the relative directory structure.


I have Guide 9.1 installed in D:\AstroData\Guide9


I have the following in GUIDE.DAT:                                          UCAC4_DATA=D:\UCAC4


I have UCAC-4 flagged with an asterisk in Extras-Toggle User Datasets and the ‘on’ radio button is selected, as is display at a scale of 0 – 1 degrees.


I go to an area of the sky with the window displaying 30 arcmin of field and the only stars visible are from Tycho (or PPM or HD).


I have UCAC3 disabled, if that makes any difference (it didn’t seem to, for me).


Where is my mistake, please?